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Promoting Student Well-Being: The ABCs of Substance Use Education

When it comes to substance use education, school professionals are an important resource. Schools can provide supportive environments that promote overall well-being and equip students with the confidence, knowledge, and skills they need to make decisions about the substances they'll encounter as they grow. Bryn and guest co-host Cindy Andrew come together with Dave Mackenzie, School Counsellor and Art Steinmann, Youth Substance Use Health Promotion Specialist to talk about the ABCs of substance use education and schools. They share evidence-based approaches that help students build protective factors including autonomy, belonging and competence and describe how this can help prevent, delay and reduce substance-related harms.


This episode is a collaboration between BC Children's Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre and Bunyaad Public Affairs Inc.

Transcript is available here.




Website: The ABCs of Youth Substance Use  Promoting evidence-based approaches to youth substance-use education in BC schools. 

Website: School Professionals - Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre Resources for teaching and learning about mental health and well-being in school communities. 

Podcast:  Substance Use: Talking alcohol, vaping & other drugs with your kids

Guest bios
Art Steinmann
Senior Associate, Bunyaad Public Affairs

Art Steinmann is a Senior Associate, Youth Substance Use Health Promotion, at Bunyaad Public Affairs Inc. Art brings over 40 years of experience in substance use policy, education, program development, advocacy and health promotion work including co-founding and co-developing SACY (Supporting and Connecting Youth program) for the Vancouver School Board. Art also works on the ABCs of Youth Substance Use Project.

Dave Mackenzie
School Counsellor

Dave MacKenzie is a school counsellor and has been an educator for more than 25 years years.  Dave is an active member of the mental health community in BC, member of the BC School Centered Mental Health Coalition and President of the BC School Counsellors Association.

Cindy Andrew
Guest Co-Host, Senior Associate K-12 Health Promotion

Cindy Andrew is a mother of two, a former teacher and long time health promoter. She is a Senior Associate on the team leading The ABCs of Youth Substance Use, a BC government project funded by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Ministry of Education focused on supporting schools in addressing substance use with youth. 

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