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BC Children's Hospital

Rolling with ADHD for Teachers

An eight module series that covers practical tools and strategies for educators of children with ADHD. This series has been adapted from the long standing program at BC Children’s, and includes what research show really works for kids and school communities living with ADHD.

Anxiety Canada

My Anxiety Plan (MAP)

My Anxiety Plan (MAP) is a free resource for parents and caregivers to “coach” anxious children or teens using practical strategies and tools to manage mild to moderate anxiety.


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Kelty's Webinars

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Childhood Healthy Living Foundation

Generation Health Program

A free 10 week program designed for families in B.C. with children aged 8-12 years old. The program supports healthy family behaviours in areas such as healthy eating, physical activity, screen time and sleep.

Better Nights Better Days

A program for parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders who have sleeping problems (ages 4-12). This is an online program developed by a team of sleep experts across Canada.

BC Council for Families

Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program

Nobody’s Perfect is a facilitated parenting program for parents of children from birth to age five. The program is designed to meet the needs of parents who are young, single, or socially or geographically isolated, and is offered in communities by facilitators.


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Aide Canada

The Gift of Being Different

The Gift of Being Different, a short documentary, follows Grant Bruno as he navigates the world of autism with his child. Through the film we learn his community views autism as a gift.


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Aide Canada

Parent Advice Videos

Parent Advice Videos are questions asked and answered by parents across Canada. This project was created and developed by Canadian parents from the autism community.

Anxiety Canada


An introduction to PANDAS and PANS, which are rare neuropsychiatric conditions that affect children and young adolescents. Learn what it is, what the symptoms are, how its treated, and more. 

Where You Are Podcast

Through real stories, expertise, and practical tips, this podcast helps families promote their mental health and wellness, navigating important topics to meet you where you are in your journey.