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Teaching Kids Good Habits Using Growth Mindset

We are sharing this great episode on growth mindset from Growing Up Game Plan: The Podcast, hosted by Saleema Noon. In this episode, Saleema and her guest Ginny, share four fundamental principles for nurturing a positive learning mindset and introduce a simple yet effective way to boost children's confidence in their learning and abilities. Ginny also tells listeners about a tool she’s created for parents to help their kids get off the screen and have more balance in their lives.

Read the episode transcript here.


Episode Resources:

  1. To learn more about Ginny’s work with young people and read her blog go to
  2. Activity Tracker
  3. Parent Peer Support for Families at the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
Guest bios
Ginny Chiu
Parent & Educator

Ginny Chiu, is a educator (for more than 20 years) and parent who teaches young people to set goals, create routines, be organized and be independent and motivated learners. To learn more about Ginny and her work supporting kids visit

Saleema Noon
Sexual Health & Empowerment Educator

Saleema is a sexual health and empowerment educator based in Vancouver, Canada and host of Growing Up Game Plan: The Podcast. Find more episodes for parents & caregivers on topics you want to have (or keep having) meaningful conversations with your preteen about growing up. Check out our episodes.

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