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School Anxiety & Attendance Challenges for Parents and Caregivers: Webinar Series

On this page, you will find webinar recordings, powerpoint slides, and other resources for our Challenges with School Attendance for Parents and Caregivers webinar series.

Getting to school or managing a whole day at school can be really hard for some children and youth, and it can be challenging for parents and caregivers to know how best to move forward. In this 2-part webinar series, the presenters will talk about anxiety and related challenges that can be a barrier to attending school, as well as practical strategies to help things go more smoothly. These webinars are relevant whether your child is not getting to school at all or sometimes struggling to make it through the whole day. Below, you will find the recordings for all of these webinars, as well as the slides for each presentation. These webinars were held in November 2020. 

This webinar series is a collaboration between BC Children's Hospital, the Vancouver School Board, and Vancouver Coastal Health Child & Youth Mental Health. 

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