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My child has anxiety, how can I support them?

It is normal for children and youth to feel anxious (worried, nervous or fearful) from time to time. We all experience some anxiety at times.

For example, they might experience:

  • worried thoughts, often about something bad happening
  • feelings in their body (racing heart, hard to breathe, etc.)
  • behaviours, such as avoiding situations or crying

If it seems that your child’s anxiety happens too often and gets in the way of doing things at home, at school or with friends, it's important to seek help. There are ways to overcome and better manage anxiety.

Most often, anxiety disorders are treated with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medications are sometimes a part of treating children and youth with anxiety.

A good first step is to see your family doctor or pediatrician. You can also get help from a mental health professional at your local Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) team.

You can also look for a private Registered Psychologist or Registered Clinical Counsellor that has experience in treating anxiety.

Learn more about anxiety disorders on our Kelty website, and you will find a list of recommended resources for parents and caregivers. It includes our podcast on Tackling Anxiety. For more suggestions on how you can support your child, contact the Kelty Centre.

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