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My child has seen a school counsellor. Can we see a private counsellor too?

Yes, and sometimes school counsellors will even help look for a community counsellor for a student they are seeing. They will be happy you are seeking more support for your child, so you don’t need to worry about whether you might be interfering.

School counsellors do not usually provide ongoing counselling or a specific type of therapy. If that is what your child needs, you may want to see a psychologist or another mental health clinician (e.g. registered clinical counsellor). You may also be referred to a school psychologist if there is one in the school district.

The role of a school counsellor can vary from school to school. They often focus on managing the child’s behaviour and supporting the student in the classroom. Some counsellors may provide short-term counselling. Others may focus more on help for academic needs and supports.

School counsellors work closely with students, parents, teachers, and often other providers in the community. They may continue to provide support at school while the child takes part in other therapy.  They are more likely to stay involved if your child continues to have significant problems that interfere with learning or the classroom.

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