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I think my child might have challenges with learning. What can I do?

Sometimes learning differences can be difficult to identify. Problems with behaviour, or avoiding school work, may be a “red flag” that a learning challenge exists. Learning challenges can also occur at the same times as mental health challenges.

Talk with your child’s teacher if you have concerns about your child’s learning, or you notice challenges that seem related to learning. It is possible the teacher may also have concerns. Don’t feel that you need to wait and see how things go before you ask to meet with your child’s teacher. The sooner you and the school start talking about the concerns, the sooner your child can get help and reach their full learning potential.  

The school will likely have processes and supports that may help your child. Your child’s teacher or the learning support staff may talk to you about an assessment for learning challenges and may recommend psycho-educational testing. You can also ask the school about psycho-educational testing.

You can find out more about learning challenges and resources at the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.

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