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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Parent Program - FACES (Vancouver Coastal Health)
This program is designed to help develop positive parenting practices and behavioral management strategies for children who have been recently diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Atypical Antipsychotics and Metabolic Monitoring
Information on atypical antipsychotics and their possible metabolic side effects. Includes ways to prevent, treat and monitor these side-effects.
Autism Community Training (ACT)
Provides provincial-wide information on autism and referral services to support families and service providers. It also offers a medical profile form developed to help parents and caregivers who need to bring a child or adult who has difficulties communicating due to developmental disability, autism and/or a mental health concern to a hospital emergency department.
Autism Physician Handbook - Canadian Edition
A visual guide helps physicians explain behavioural symptoms and educate early interventions to families of kids with autism.
Autism Society Canada (ASC)
Provides information and resources for coping with autism.
Autism Speaks Canada
Autism Speaks Canada is an autism science, awareness and advocacy organization. The website has information about Austism and toolkits.
Autism Spectrum Disorder (BC Ministry of Children and Family Development)
Provides information on autism assessment, funding programs, and resources for parents & service providers.
Autism Spectrum Disorder Quick Reference Sheet
A list of the top websites, books, videos, toolkits and support services.
Autism: Brains Working Differently
Dr. Anthony Bailey speaks about differences in how the autistic brain works. A presentation from the 2011 Open Minds Across Canada Mental Health Symposia in Vancouver, BC.
Balanced View: Addressing Weight Bias & Stigma in Health Care
BalancedView is an online learning resource designed to raise awareness about weight bias and stigma in health care and to help health care professionals reduce weight bias and stigma in practice.
Balancing Our Minds - Community Summits
Curious about Balancing our Minds? Watch the video to learn all about it. Interested in planning your own mental health event or activity? Check out for ideas, information, resources and more!
BC Association of Clinical Counselors
This website provides contact information for registered clinical counsellors throughout the province, as well as information about the BCACC. The organization can also be reached at: 1-800-909-6303
BC Bereavement Helpline
A non-profit, free, and confidential service that connects the public to grief support services in BC. Includes brochures in 8 languages, event listings, and tributes. 604-738-9950 Toll Free 1-877-779-2223
BC Children’s Family Support & Resource Centre (FSRC)
The Family Support & Resource Centre (FSRC) provides support, information and connections to patients and families throughout British Columbia. The centre has a comfortable and welcoming family space, and staff to help with hospital orientation and navigation. They offer access to a lending library, bookstore, health information, internet, fax, email, and referrals to hospital and community programs and supports. Families throughout BC can borrow library material free of charge. There is an option to order and return material through the mail.
BC Council for Families
This organization provides a variety of resources, featuring articles covering topics such as parenting after divorce or parenting when there is mental illness in the family, and a wide range of other family situations.
BC Ministry of Children & Family Development – About Child and Youth Mental Health
Contains information about child and youth mental health programs and resources.

BC Children's Hospital

This is an agency of Provincial Health Services Authority, providing provincial tertiary mental health services to the citizens of British Columbia. Programs include: Adult Tertiary Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatric Services, Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Women’s Reproductive Mental Health, as well as the Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program for children and youth located at the BC Children’s Hospital.

Provincial Health Services Authority

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is one of six health authorities – the other five health authorities serve geographic regions of BC.

Ministry of Health

British Columbia Ministry of Health

RBC Children's Mental Health Project

RBC Children’s Mental Health Project is RBC's cornerstone “health and wellness” pillar; RBC Children’s Mental Heath Project is a multi-year philanthropic commitment to support community-based and hospital programs that reduce stigma, provide early intervention and increase public awareness about children’s mental health issues.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Through a wide range of fundraising events and opportunities, The BC Children's Hospital Foundation is united with its donors by a single, simple passion - to improve the health and the lives of the young people who enter BC Children's Hospital every day.