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Always There app - Kids Help Phone
The Always There app provides a password protected space for you to log your feelings, flip through a ton of youth-submitted tips, inspirational quotes, and jokes aimed at helping you cope with stress. You can access tipsheets offline on a variety of emotional health topics and more. Finally, the app can also connect you directly with a Kids Help Phone counsellor over the phone, or through Live Chat.
American College of Sports Medicine
Physical activity guidelines; Client/professional resources
An Overview of School-Based Mental Health (Panel Discussion)
Dr. Robert Lees (R.Psych, Community Psychologist, Minstry of Children and Family Development, Chilliwack), Ken Chow (Parent), Evelyn Matthews (High School Counsellor, Dover Bay Secondary) and Kiarah Williams (Youth) (51 minutes)
Answers to your Questions about Getting Help for Children with Mental Health Concerns (Here to Help)
Where do I start if I think my child is having difficulties? Where should parents search when looking for mental health professionals? And answers to more questions you may have about your child's mental health concerns.
Antidepressant monitoring form
A form used to monitor response and side effects with antidepressant medications.
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Antipsychotic monitoring form
A form used to monitor response and side effects with antipsychotic medications.
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Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Provides information on types of anxiety, treatment options and tips to manage stress and anxiety
Anxiety in the Classroom: Resources for Teachers
A list of resources for teachers on how to manage and reduce anxiety in the classroom setting.
Anxiety Problems in Children and Adolescents
Parents may notice that their child seems nervous or fearful. This may be related to a stressful event, such as performing in a school play or writing an exam. In such situations it is normal for a child to worry or feel nervous. It can even help the child memorize their lines or study longer for a test.
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Anxiety Quick Reference Sheet for Parents
A list of the top websites, books, videos, toolkits and support services.
Anxiety Quick Reference Sheet for Youth
A list of the top websites, books, videos, toolkits and support services.
Provides information on anxiety disorders and how to support people with anxiety concerns, including self-help toolkits, brochures, personal stories, and newsletters. Also includes a youth and young adult site.
AnxietyBC Microsite for New Moms and Moms to Be
These two sites are designed to help moms to be and new moms to better understand and cope with anxiety during pregnancy and after the birth.
aripiprazole (Abilify®)
is an antipsychotic and mood stabilizer medication and is also used for treatment of irritability of autism.
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Association for Size Diversity and Health
ASDAH is an international professional organization composed of members committed to the Health At Every Size® (HAES®) Principles. Helping Young Children Deal with Anger
Explains commons ways children express anger, factors that contribute to anger problems and ways to help angry kids.
atomoxetine (Strattera®)
is a non-stimulant medication used to treat ADHD.
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BC Children's Hospital

This is an agency of Provincial Health Services Authority, providing provincial tertiary mental health services to the citizens of British Columbia. Programs include: Adult Tertiary Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatric Services, Child & Adolescent Mental Health, Women’s Reproductive Mental Health, as well as the Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program for children and youth located at the BC Children’s Hospital.

Provincial Health Services Authority

Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) is one of six health authorities – the other five health authorities serve geographic regions of BC.

Ministry of Health

British Columbia Ministry of Health

RBC Children's Mental Health Project

RBC Children’s Mental Health Project is RBC's cornerstone “health and wellness” pillar; RBC Children’s Mental Heath Project is a multi-year philanthropic commitment to support community-based and hospital programs that reduce stigma, provide early intervention and increase public awareness about children’s mental health issues.

BC Children's Hospital Foundation

Through a wide range of fundraising events and opportunities, The BC Children's Hospital Foundation is united with its donors by a single, simple passion - to improve the health and the lives of the young people who enter BC Children's Hospital every day.