Now Available! Stresslr: A Stress Management Resource for Kids

Meredith, Project Manager, Health Literacy Team on September 28, 2015

Back in my July blog post I wrote about a new stress management resource called Stresslr that the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre was putting the finishing touches on. I am now very excited to share that Stresslr - a fun and engaging online resource for children ages 9-11 - is now available at!!

Since the school year has just begun, it’s the perfect time to be talking with kids about stress and proactively thinking about healthy ways to deal with stress that will come up during the school year. For kids, stress can be caused by many different things, such as busy schedules, homework, fights with friends, having a new teacher, or trying out for sports’ teams – just to name a few! While a little bit of stress can be helpful in certain situations, too much stress can be overwhelming for kids, especially if they don’t have the tools and strategies to deal with it.

By following along with Stresslr, an adorable and friendly robot, kids can learn about stress, explore what might cause them stress, and identify how they react to it. Once kids have identified their ‘stressors’, they can start to learn different strategies that they can use when they are feeling stressed, such as belly breathing and muscle relaxation, and even strategies they can use when they know a stressful event or situation is coming up, such as storing worriers in their worry box and practicing their problem solving skills. The resource was directly informed through feedback from kids and involves fun components such as building up points to get badges, different Stresslr moods that kids can choose from to match how they are feeling, and fun videos featuring Stresslr! Check out this video featuring Stresslr flexing his muscle relaxation skills:

By learning to identify what can be stressful to them, how they react when stressed, and how to cope in healthy ways when stress happens, kids can develop helpful skills they can use to deal with stress throughout their entire lives.

Stresslr can be used on any computer, tablet or iPhone, and will soon be available on Android devices as well!

Visit to get started!


I have been in the iphone store and searched for stresslr and nothing comes up in the search. On the website there does not appear to be a link to the app.


Thanks so much for your interest in Stresslr! Sorry for any confusion about how to access Stresslr. To clarify, Stresslr is an online resource that can be used directly by going to on any computer, iPhone, Android or tablet device. The resource does not need to be downloaded from an app store. Thanks! Meredith

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