Let’s Spin the Pinwheel

Hing Tse, Manager of the Kelty Centre on October 15, 2012

When I first started work at the Kelty Centre, the Centre was merely an empty room, just newly furnished with funding support from the Kelty Patrick Dennehy Foundation and the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation. The vision of the Centre was to be BC’s information source for children, youth and families with mental health and substance use concerns and for anyone struggling with eating disorders. Since 2008, I am witnessing how the pinwheel (the branding and the symbol for the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre) is rolling, spinning and changing to reach out to families across BC. As of today, I can proudly say out loud that our Kelty team has made every single effort to develop and foster the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre to be the “hub”- the “go to” place for families, youth and children who have mental health and substance use challenges. We reach out from the BCCH site and bring hope and support across the province through our daily activities over the phone, through emails and drop-ins and also through our monthly Pinwheel educational sessions. What families and youth value the most about the Kelty Centre is the invaluable peer support that we offer through Mary and Julie, the F.O.R.C.E. Parents In Residence; Brent and Sarah, the F.O.R.C.E. Youth In Residence; and Amy, the Eating Disorders Peer Support Worker. They not only touch lives but also transform lives with passion, deep understanding, insights and empathy.

Time flies; I cannot believe that we are going to celebrate our 5th year anniversary of the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre on Oct 24th, 2012. I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to grow with the Kelty Team. What I treasure the most and gain from my work at the Kelty Centre can relate to what a Pinwheel offers to a child:

  • Sense of connectedness-Each blade from the pinwheel is connected and each movement will affect the other blades. We can see vividly how one family member’s challenge affects the whole family. Therefore, I have learned how important it is for us to connect the missing pieces in the family, to check in with the whole family including siblings and caregivers so that everyone can get more connected and regain balance.
  • Ability to turn things around- By spinning the pinwheel, one might want to turn things around, turn obstacles into opportunities. To me it is possible if we all work together- parents, family members, children, youth, healthcare providers, teachers, school counselors, youth workers, GPs, coaches, friends, policy makers, researchers and people from diverse backgrounds. We can turn things around and move forward with a positive attitude only when we are able to work collaboratively and strive for a common goal. I have seen how our peer support workers have successfully engaged families and youth and how the families are then able to see their strengths, potential and a way forward. The power of listening with understanding has offered youth and families hope and the possibility of change just like spinning a pinwheel.

During these past 4 years, the Kelty Centre has grown tremendously in terms of our team size from one member in 2008 to the current 7 person team.  And with increasing collaboration with our Health Literacy Team members, we have built a solid and strong team that offers innovative health literacy tools, resources and support to our target audience in BC. I hope everyone can continue to provide your biggest support and honest feedback to our work. I would like to thank those of you who have made the effort in calling, emailing or dropping by to the Kelty Centre for information and support. Each one of you has helped us to stay focused and your feedback has inspired our team to be more responsive and vibrant.  We will continue to carry on our childlike sentiments – hope, joy and playfulness – that are inspired by the symbol of the pinwheel. We aim to bring joy and hope to the children, youth and families that we serve across BC.  We welcome everyone to join us in celebrating our journey on Oct 24th. Let’s continue to spin the pinwheel and turn things around.

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